Market Insight: In the UK, there are depressed young men with nowhere to turn to. Some choose suicide.
Brand Insight: The Campaign Against Living Miserably is a UK charity set up for these men, which has recently lost its government funding. Without this, the charity will sadly only last 6 more months.
Idea: Stand Up to Stop Suicide – A fundraising event, designed to raise awareness and funding.

Our first job was to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide in young men to a wider audience. This TVC was a labour of love, made on a shoestring and ran on MTV to an audience of millions.

Then we organised a fund raiser at the Clapham Grand, London.

PR packs were sent out to invite the press and other opinion leaders.

Result: The press really picked up on this and together with the help of opinion leaders, government funding was restored to the charity. This guaranteed a future for them in the short term, a charity that stills runs today.
Much of this work was done in our own time, with favours and even our own money. But rarely has anything been so rewarding, so thank you to everyone involved.

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